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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • We went here to get a hamster and hamster supplies. It was so nice to see a staff member pick up a hamster!!!! Their container is open, so guests can play with them. This means they get used to being handled, unlike other big chain stores who leave them in isolation, and untouched.

    So far we have had lot of luck in hand training our little girl.... Playing with her every day and no biting.

    We had a long drive to get to this location. When the employee heard about our drive, she gave us an extra box and another cardboard container for transport. So considerate!

    The staff member knew exactly what food and treats the hamster had been eating when I asked, so I was able to pick up there to make the transition easier.

    We have had 3 hamsters so far and this was by far my best encounter in purchasing a hamster.

    Niki Mastny

  • Puppy kisses is why we went here why did we leave with a dog Zoe customer care was specifically on her job as a sales person thanks for being so caring even when I called and had concerns Zoe you was the best thanks

    Charles Millhouse

  • We was searching for a cockatiel, this location didn't have any but took our number down and said they would call us when they got more in. They called us a week later, so we went and got our newest member of the family! She's such a cutie and so sweet. Still thinking of a name for her.

    Brittney James

  • This is the petland where we got our liver spotted Dalmatian I would recommend buying a dog here! the staff were so friendly our Dalmatian is healthy! This was awhile ago when we brought him but just thought I should give a good review!

    Maddie Murphy

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